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Medical assistance for my Nephrotic Syndrome

Jasmin Paule

Medical Assistance for my Nephrotic Syndrome

I had this condition since July 2021, but was diagnosed only on August 2022. It started to be just edema in my feet up to my legs. I thought it was just a result of giving birth because I gave birth to my youngest in February 2021 so I didn't mind it, I just did exercises and it just went away on its own. Fast forward to April 2022, I was experiencing a lot of stress and I lost lots of weight. All of a sudden the edema came back, due to being financially unstable I wasn't able to go to the doctor for a check up and I thought exercise will help it go away just like before. A few weeks later I noticed my stomach is getting bigger. I have edema from my stomach down to my feet, I also have a pitting edema. I went to the doctor for a check up, and he said I need to have an ultrasound, an xray and a urinalysis because he was worried that maybe my kidneys are failing. I also have no history of kidney disease, I don't drink or smoke. When the result came back the doctor told me that luckily my kidneys are okay and my liver too. But he said I have a pleural effusion (water on the lungs) on my left lung and that I have pneumonia. So he gave me Lasix Furosemide for my water retention and some antibiotics for my pneumonia. I have to take them for 10 days and then come back for another check up. After 10 days, I noticed that the medicine wasn't helping at all so we came back for another check up. That's when the doctor said that I needed to be admitted to the hospital because there are a lot of tests needed for my condition as it is not normal to have a water retention. The problem is we don't have money to support my medical bills. 
For 4 months, I stayed in the house without medical help. The point came where I cannot stand up anymore because I have so much water in my body even small walks make me gasp for air. That's when I asked my mom for financial help so I can be admitted to the hospital. She and my step-father helped me, but because I don't have insurance, the medical bills are so high and they cannot pay it anymore. I was only admitted to the hospital for 3 days. That's when the doctor said that my kidneys are not filtering the proteins and that I have a lot of proteins in my urine. I got to have a blood transfusion because they needed a lot of tests. They suspected I have lupus but we weren't able to continue the tests because I was discharged from the hospital because we couldn't pay bills anymore.
Me and my live-in partner need to pay my step-father back for the bills that he paid, but we don't have the capability to because my partner doesn't have work and is still studying. He only has sidelines to support our daily needs. That is what led me to make a fund raising and use the money for my medical help. I am willing to show proof to those who are doubting. But this will be a big help for me, I want to live a longer life for my daughter and son. I am only 24 years old, I have so many things that I want to achieve. Your help will make a big impact. 🙏


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